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Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had more time to do what you wanted, rather than having to deal with the drudgery of handling the next big shop? Dreading the weekend because it means heading out into throngs of people? With Online OR, you can take solace in the fact that, no matter what you need, our locally-based experts will find it for you, and deliver it to your home. Whether it's clothing, accessories, or anything else you can imagine, it'll be taken care of. Sound like something you'd like? Fill in the form below and find out more!

Bespoke Shopping

There's an understandable fear that comes along with personal shopping – what if the person buying your things for you doesn't really understand what you're all about? What if you end up with something that definitely isn't you? Have no worry: all of our personal shoppers are detail-oriented, highly-specific types who will pick up exactly what you want from the store, no mismatched items or incorrect brands to be found. We're trying to make your life easier, not more difficult, so we take great pains to get it exactly right every time.

Why Personal Shopping?

More and more people are finding that, even if they need medicine, employing the services of a personal shopper is nothing less than a liberating experience. By freeing you up from the endless decision making and the time spent at the store, you're free to spend your time doing what you really want to do, not standing in line or comparing minute differences between prescriptions and side-effects. Look good, feel great, and have more you time. Isn't that what everyone wants?


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